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"A child educated only at school is an uneducated child"

- George Santayana

Exposure is the prerequisite to opportunity!


R.E.P. U, Inc. is a series of programs formed to enhance and extend student learning and experiences beyond the academic courses offered in schools. R.E.P. U, Inc. offers various fun and enriching activities conducted by skilled instructors. 

Because of R.E.P. U, I was able to take a photography class and learned how to use a professional camera. Now I can take pictures of some of the things that make my neighborhood unique!
— Ananias Smith, age 10
I liked taking the coding class. I love computer technology and now I know how to create my own front end website.
— Kiara Jordan, age 16
It’s volunteering made simple while being able to teach what I’m passionate about.
— Oni Hawkins, Volunteer
I got a late start to learning Adobe Photoshop (mid-20’s). So now I strive to teach kids younger than me in my spare time, and share my knowledge.
— Ray Smith, Volunteer
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There's a course for everyone.