What is R.E.P. U?

  • R.E.P. U is a series of programs formed to enhance and extend student learning and experiences beyond the academic courses offered in schools. R.E.P U offers various fun and enriching activities conducted by skilled instructors in local communities of the five boroughs of New York City.

What will my child get out of participating in R.E.P. U programs?

  • At R.E.P. U, our youth will be exposed to an array of courses beyond their regular academic course load through curriculums geared towards education and fun, providing them with a new outlook on learning while acquiring useful skillsets at no cost.

What programs are available?

  • After signing up for a R.E.P. U membership, children and parents will have access to cultural, creative arts, fitness, and fun educational programs including, but not limited to, photography, healthy cooking classes, self-defense, and many more! Classes will vary by semester based on volunteers and student enrollment. Students can participate in as many classes as they choose.

How are volunteers selected?

  • Volunteers for R.E.P. U are hand selected by our Board of Directors. Volunteers are required to pass a criminal background check, have 3 references, and go through a stringent interview process.

How can I volunteer?

  • To volunteer for R.E.P. U, you can apply online via our website. Volunteers will be required to pay a one-time $70 background clearance fee through the Department of Education. Once you are cleared, you will be notified and receive a “GoPass.” A “GoPass” will allow you to prepare your course curriculum and post your course on our site for our youth to register.    

Are programs offered for parents?

  • Yes! R.E.P. U encourages parents to join in on the fun! Each R.E.P. U class has reserved spots for parents to attend. This technique does several things: keeps R.E.P. U’s programs transparent, engages both parents and children in learning, and also gives the parents a first hand look into how their child interacts in the classroom setting.

Where are programs/activities held?

  • R.E.P. U classes are held throughout the five boroughs of New York City. Class locations are categorized and listed based on interest. Some classes may not be offered in your area but you are still more than welcome to attend. R.E.P. U is still expanding, so please be patient. We are on our way to your neighborhood!

Are programs free?

  • Yes! All of the programs offered through R.E.P. U are 100% free.

What age range does R.E.P. U service?

  • R.E.P. U programs are for youth ages 5- 21 and open to parents as well.

How is R.E.P. U different from other after school programs?

  • R.E.P. U is different from your traditional after school in several different ways. R.E.P. U offers class sizes of no more than 15 children and 5 parents. Keeping classes small increases productivity and allows for greater diversity in programming since there are less children to focus on.

How often are classes offered?

  • R.E.P. U has a revolving door of programs on a weekly basis. R.E.P. U tries to offer as many quality programs as it can handle throughout the 5 boroughs.

What is the duration of a program?

  • R.E.P. U program durations are contingent on the volunteers and facilities we have agreements with. If a volunteer chooses to host a program for 15 weeks they are entitled to that commitment. Instructors can also just have one program. The duration of the R.E.P U courses are listed on the registration page for each course.

What are the requirements for being a participant of the program?

  • Here at R.E.P. U, we stress the importance and requirement of consistent attendance. If you register for a class, we expect you to attend as the class sizes are small and spots may fill up fast. A potential registrant would be deeply saddened to miss out on the opportunity of the learning experience due to someone else signing up for a class and not showing up. Need to cancel a class you signed up for? No problem! If you know in advance that you will not be able to attend a class you signed up for, please unregister from that class as soon as possible to open up the availability to someone else and sign up for the next available class.