R.E.P. U is a nonprofit agency providing free educational programs for children ages 5-21 in the New York area. The programs will be taught and administered by community leaders. R.E.P. U’s goal is to provide free educational and cultural exposure opportunities for youth of color and low income families. Children will be exposed to an array of courses beyond their regular academic course load through curriculums geared towards education and fun, providing them with a new outlook on learning while acquiring useful skill sets at no cost.

Through the widening socio-economic and achievement gap, youth of color and low income families are at a stark developmental disadvantage compared to their white and asian counterparts. “High income families now spend nearly 7 times as much on their children's development as low-income families” (Kornish & Furstenberg, 2013).

R.E.P. U is a series of programs in direct response to the lack of cultural enrichment throughout low-socioeconomic communities. By providing these outlets to the youth of underprivileged communities, we seek to attain the goal of providing cultural exposure that will allow for children to ameliorate their life experiences. Our agency will recruit and pair ardent community leaders to the facility they need in order to transform their passion into a valuable educational experience to the children.

R.E.P. U  will give children and parents a chance to seek and attend classes of their choice which suit their interests and schedules. This will include a selection of reserved seats in each class for parents to attend, ensuring transparency with the program, as well as giving parents the opportunity to learn and build with their children as they too experience a new, fun and educational class.